Big Stompy Robot

Indie comic creations.
Occasionally with robots.


Big Stompy Robot is the comic alter ego of Chris Taylor.

Drawing was always my thing when I was young. I used to spend hours doodling on rolls of plain wallpaper my dad brought home from work. But as I got older, I fell out of practice with the usual life stuff consuming all of my time, and before I knew it I had ended up not touching a pencil for years.

But a few years ago I was very lucky to get an iPad Pro and Pencil for a birthday gift, which helped rekindle my interested in drawing again (you can see some of my portrait work on my tumblr portfolio). Drawing my own comic book was an ambition I always had, and now more than ever there were fewer and fewer excuses to procrastinate about it. With the encouragement of several kind people, I decided to properly give making a comic a go at the end of 2019 and the results you can see here on this site.

By day I work in the digital industry, as Head of Interaction Design for a UK Government department.

When not happily dooling on the sofa I devour comics, movies and enjoy tolerate running. I live in Derbyshire, UK with my rather footy mad wife.